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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Facebook Quizzes

I know I am not the only one who has taken these quizzes on Facebook!  You can take quizzes to find out what color you are, what food you are, what animal you are, what song you represent to what spring smell you are.  It really is crazy how many quizzes on some goofy topics out there.  But that does not stop us from taking them.  So I took 10 quizzes and here are the results and then the links to the quiz so you can take them.  How close are they to reality!?  Share your results.

1. Nickname Generator 

Your nickname is Dottie
Like freckles, polka dots, or sprinkles, you are totally cute!

I have freckles and my husband says I am cute.  

2. What Decade are you?

You Are The 1960s
You are a liberal minded, progressive, and caring person. You believe in love. You appreciate the dynamic days of the 1960s, when people truly wanted to change the world. You believe in justice and equality for all. You can't rest until everyone in the world is treated fairly. You are willing to stand firm for what you believe in, even if no one else is standing with you.

I really think a lot of that does describe me.  I was kind of shocked by the decade.  I was always thinking I should have lived in the 50's!

3. One word that describes you

You Are Impulsive
More than anything else, you crave freedom in your life. You have to be able to do what you want. You are stubborn and independent. You don't take no for an answer. You like to live in the moment, and you tend to be a pretty big thrill seeker. You are easy going unless you are challenged. You are flexible until you're not.

This one is very correct.  This is a struggle of mine but I also have realized it is not just a bad thing; it can be good attribute.  

4. Which period should you have lived in?

You Should Have Lived in The Stone Age
You love nature in its purest form and technology is not that friendly to you. You hate how corporations are killing the planet and you miss the simpler times.

I know I should be a little more earth friendly but this quiz is defiantly not me.  

5. What sitcom are you?

You Are Family Matters
You treasure your family and your close friends and even though you may not always agree you can usually see eye to eye.

Family and friends mean the world to me and this sitcom rocked back in the day!  So I will say "sure this is me!"

6. Which color of the rainbow are you?

You Are Red
You're passionate, loyal and resourceful, totally independent and can rely on yourself. You can achieve anything you want, so go ahead and do it!

My favorite color and this is me!  I get too passionate sometimes and I am defiantly resourceful!  

7. What sport are you?

You Are Football
You can be very competitive and take loosing very personally.

Competition is in my blood.  My husband and I can make a competition out of folding socks (Which we don't do often...read yesterdays post).  

8. Who are you in your group of friends?

You Are Healthy One
You are very conscious about your health and everything you do, or don't do, is for the sake of your health.

My friends that are reading this are literally laughing out loud!  I LOVE SWEETS!  I love food.  I am probably the complete OPPOSITE of the HEALTHY ONE!

9. What pet are you?

You Are Turtle
You are easy going and hate being in a rush- you enjoy the simple things in life.

I agree to an extent but I don't know fully!

10. What looney tune character are you?

You Are Bugs Bunny
You are well known and loved among your friends and your family.

So what are your results!? Share...