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Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

This week is TeacherAppreciation week.  Teachers canbe a touchy subject.  It is almost liketalking about politics.  Like politiciansthere are ones that are great at their job and ones that are there for a paycheck.  But this is not why I am writingtonight. I am writing to express my gratitude to those teachers who love thefuture generations, who educate them, who show patience, who show hope and whotake their jobs as serious and important as their jobs are!! 

Instead of naming all of the teachers I am so grateful forwhy not write all their characteristics I am so grateful for! 

TeacherCharacteristics that I am grateful for!

 **These are characteristics that I myself have seen from my previous teachers or ones that teachers my children have had or have!**

I am thankful for teachers that have shown students to Embracing Life.  Showing students how to embrace life and lovelife! 

I am thankful for those teachers that have spent a great dealof time not only getting their students preparedfor not only the next grade but for the outside life.

I am thankful for those teachers that show compassion and love to their students.  This is so important and I love that I knowmy kids have teachers who care.

I am thankful for teachers who bring laughter and smiles to their student’s faces.  When my kids come home from school with joyon their face it really does bring joy to my life.  I think any parent would agree with that!

I am thankful for teachers whom have demonstrated and taughttheir students to be creative.  This is something that teachers in my children’slife have had to pull out of my kids.  CREATIVITY!  My kids struggle withthat and yes, they are boys so that is part of the problem but their teachershave always pushed them and showed them ways of being creative! 

I am thankful for teachers who have taught and live as anexample of how to admit and acceptmistakes.  This is a lifelesson.  I know that when they makemistakes at school they are learning to accept them and learn from them.  Their teachers talk through their mistakesand I am grateful for that. 

I am thankful for teachers who teach and live out forgiving and forgiveness.  Another life lesson that I teach at homebut they teach with their peers and with life situations.  When my oldest came home and said a teacher apologizedto him after mistake they made.  He wasreally impacted by an adult apologizing for their wrong doings.  He obviously forgave that teacher but thiswas a lesson of asking for forgiveness and forgiving! 

I am thankful for teachers who not only expect respect butthey give respect to others.  They teach respect of all types.  Teaching a child respect is a communityeffort.  It starts at home but it istaught even more at school. When a teacher demonstrates respect to theirstudents it is a lifelong lesson to them. I am so grateful for the teachers in my kid’s life that show respectthey deserve but also expect the respect back. 

I am thankful for teachers who show their students that learning can be fun and so important

I am thankful for teachers who show students how to set goals and reach them. 

I am thankful for teachers who know every child is different.  Eachof my children has an IEPs and they are completely different.  To treat one child the same as the other wouldbe setting them up for failure.  My kidshave been blessed with people that have been able to teach to the whole classbut also know each child’s strengths and weaknesses. 

I am thankful for teachers who teach each child according to that child’s needs. 

I am thankful for teachers who encourage and keep encouraging. 

I am thankful for teachers who are willing to take risks! 

I am thankful for teachers who are flexible!

I am thankful for teachers who are patient.  By showing patience 
they are teaching patience. 

I am thankful for teachers who think outside the box. Bringing new learning techniques to the “table” and accepting newtechniques!

I am thankful for teachers who want to have a relationship with the parents!  I know that this is so important to me and Iknow to have a successful school year(s) the relationship between the parent,student and teacher is so important!  Iam so grateful for those teachers who have really reached out and accepted mywant to have a relationship. 

I am thankful for teachers who are confident and confident in what they teach!

I am thankful for teachers who are fair!  Knowing favoritism isnot for the classroom.  No matter whomyou are, where you come from, what your strengths are or what your weaknessesare these students are HUMANS!  I am sograteful that my children get to experience that! 

I am thankful for teachers who hold my children accountable for their actions. 

I am thankful for teachers who listen and not just talk! Knowing my kids can talk to their teachers and feel safe is such acomfort! 

I am thankful for teachers who are trustworthy. This is a good example for my kids and also a comfortfor them and me. 

I am thankful for teachers who don’t hyper-focus on only the testresults but the quality of teachingthey give. 
I am so grateful for all these qualities and I am so blessedthat my family has had teachers in their lives that have demonstrated so manyof these qualities!  To be a teacher iseasy to be an AMAZING teacher is hard!  ITHANK my teachers from the past and my children’s teachers that take teachingfrom a job to a JOURNEY!  THANK YOU for all you have done and represented.  THANK YOU for taking your job seriously andteaching with purpose!  THANK YOU fortaking the time and energy to make the next generation all they can be!!