When life handed me a Canadian Husband, Two Energetic Kids and a Dog with ADHD,
I made myself some Organized Chaos!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Skyler aka Moose

Today my baby turns 7 years old.  How time flies and how much life changes.  I had a tough pregnancy with Moose. He really really wanted to come into the world on his own time and not when he was suppose to.  That should have been an indication to what life would be with this lil man.  

Moose is me through and through.  He has tons of energy, looks for trouble, remembers everything you don't want him to remember and can never meet a stranger!  This little boy brings so much joy to our lives and grey hairs.  :)

By 7 years old we have managed several visits to the doctors for big falls, stitches and a broken arm.  If you ask my mom and dad if they feel sorry for all the stress I go through with this child and his injuries they would probably laugh.  As a child I did the same thing.  I think I probably have the same VIP parking space at the Hospital that my parents did.  

This little boy is so smart and just loves life.  I am truly grateful for every day with this little man and for all the new things he has brought to our lives!!