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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Just got done watching the Odd Life of Timothy Green with the boys!  We got all camped out and watched it.  I really loved it and know the boys do to!

Lessons from this movie:

1. Know your purpose, understand it and do it.  Timothy had a few purposes.  I don't want to spoil the movie so all I will say is he embarrassed it and you followed through with that purpose.

2.  Believe in yourself and others.  Don't sell yourself or someone else short.  Believe!

3.  Be generous with your gifts, time and love.  Be a positive influence on all those around you.  God has blessed you with these gifts, share them with others.

4.  Never hesitate to bring love, joy and smiles to those around you and those you love.  These opportunities are PRICELESS!!

5.  Never give up.   Not on yourself or on anyone else.  Things might not be going you way but keeping your chin up and going head on is not only an amazing example for your children but what God would expect.

6.  Be a CHILD.  Embrace it.  Don't take life so serious.  Dance in the rain.  Sleep in the living room with your kids.  Get dirty in the backyard.  LAUGH!  SING!  DANCE!

7.  Don't let the outside appearances fool you.  Learn what the insides are saying.  A large gorgeous house on the outside is BEAUTIFUL but when you go inside and it is quiet, no memories, and sad then your opinion changes.  But a home that is small or old and you walk in and feel the love then your opinion changes.  Learn what is inside someone!!

8.  LOVE LOVE LOVE ....Those people may only be here for one season!

9.  Also in this movie there was judging not only of others but of themselves.  This is something we see all the time in our lives or feel in our lives.  When we compare ourselves to others or compare our family to others we rub that off on our children. We allow them and teach them to compare themselves and their family.  This horrible cycle never stops.

This was a great movie, with so many lessons for the boys and myself.

Have you seen the movie?  What are your thoughts?