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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Two Chapters of the Lysa TerKeurst Book

I just wanted to share my notes from Chapters 1 and 2.  This book is great and I wanted you all to see what great things you will learn, be reminded of and refreshed!  

Chapter 1- Who are these people calling me mom? 
Oh how I have had moments like Lysa described at a store and things just go wrong!  Feeling as though everyone is judging my actions and my kids’ actions.  How the walls seem to be falling in and I can’t seem to get out.  I have put a cartoon on the TV for the kids and gone in my room face in my bed pleading for help.  It is a comfort to read or hear other mom’s deal with the same situations.  To feel that I am not alone is a comfort. 

On page 11 Lysa writes:

I have discovered that if I can change the way I think about something, I can change the way I react to it.  If I change the way I react, I can change the way I define myself as a mother.  I don’t have to be defined as one barely hanging on in survival mode.  I can be a mom who thrives and lives and loves the great adventure I’ve be called to. 

That really made me think about how I run my life.  I act a lot of time in survival mode.  Changing my reaction to situations is a way I can get out of that mode.  I really believe this statement was powerful. 
On page 12 Lysa writes:

The morals, values and spiritual disciplines I teach will shape and mold my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and others I won’t ever meet. 

WOW…when you look at it that way…seems like a lot of pressure.  I read that sentence a few times and then I realized it is only a lot of pressure if I do it by myself.  I (we) have an amazing God that doesn’t want us to do this alone.  He wants to be our guide and our strong hand to hold.  For that I am grateful and I am so ready to make that impact on my children, others and future generations. 

I love in the refresh my soul section on page 15 Lysa says:

Don’t expect instant gratification—that is not the way He works. 

That is a great reminder.  I am an instant gratification kind of girl.  I like things done NOW!  Well, as you may have guessed I have a lot of disappointments in life.  

Chapter 2- I am the Worst Mom Ever 

Oh how this chapter has talked to me.  That moment you speak out of stress or anger and then you have to swallow your pride and tell your child or spouse “Sorry”.   I don’t know about you ladies but telling them I am sorry hurts the pride.  I do have to admit saying sorry to my children or spouse when I have spoken wrong is that just started a few years ago.  I always had the thought before that I don’t have to apologize to a child.  But the more I dug into the bible and the more God placed that on my heart the more I realized just because they are your child that does not excuse me or give me a free pass to address my wrong doings. 
Now where I was impressed was she told her friend.  I don’t like to tell others about my wrong doings. But because she did she received the best advice.  Look on page 19.

“Stop letting Satan get the best of you and ask God to give you a new attitude.”

God spoke through her friend and brought perspective to her situation.  I think that is amazing and that statement is going to be something I remember when I feel like I am loosing it. 
The next statement she made that stuck out to me was on page 20.

“I was letting my to-do-list overflow while withholding my time with the Lord.”

I do that all the time.  I do that because I feel like if I don’t finish my to-do –list then I have failed or others will judge me because my list isn’t done.  When there is nothing more important than my one on one time with God.  Putting Him on the back burner is not the way I want my kids to learn to live their lives.  The to-do-list will be there and the chances of you actually going to be able to check everything off are slim.  J  So instead of investing time into an earthly checklist we need to invest in a forever God!  This is something I really need to work on. 

Look on page 20 where she says:

“The flood of demands will consume us if we don’t take the time to let God right our perspective, reduce our stress level, and whisper His tender truths of love in our ear.”

This is so true. Demands for moms can easily consume us.   I am so grateful we have a God that will guide us to His love and peace.