When life handed me a Canadian Husband, Two Energetic Kids and a Dog with ADHD,
I made myself some Organized Chaos!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank you.

I sit here thinking about some of my friends, family and myself.  Some feel tired, some feel under appreciated, some sad, some angry, and some just lost.  We worry about what others think of us.  We worry if others see us failing on the inside.  We put on this face like we are ok.  We want others to think we have it together.  Frustration is something we all feel.  But then I stop and think…I rarely think about how I look to God.  How God feels about me and my efforts or how I fall short. 

Then I think about us quitting on those who we feel we take advantage of us or don’t appreciate us.  Then they would see what they really have and we would win.   But what would have happened if Jesus had quit.  He just stopped his mission. 

Think about it.  What if Paul had only thought of himself?  How do you think Jesus' ministry would go.  His work was for God and not himself.  Those who faithfully followed cared about what Jesus thought. 

So I waste the time and what paths Jesus paved us thinking of what others think and how to seek others approval.  I will try to care about seeking Gods approval and His love.  I will keep try to only think of Him.  He did not quit on us, when we constantly neglect Him and constantly take advantage of Him. 

I am a human and I will sin.  I will fall short and I will get angry.  I will think about how others perceive me and I will be upset when I feel cheated.  But I WILL keep remembering that Jesus gave His life for me.  God never gives up on us and we fail Him always.  I will work hard every day to touch the lives around me.  For God has a plan and I know I am part of that AMAZING story. 

Friends, Family and anyone else reading this…Lets join together and live life for God and not for our own selfish reasoning.  Lets remember that our works are in the honor of God.  Lets think about what God sees us as and not how others see us.  Lets not search for thanks or a pat on the back, just keep living the life God has paved for us.   Because if the maker of Heaven and Earth doesn't get the acknowledgement that He deserves why do we think we should.