When life handed me a Canadian Husband, Two Energetic Kids and a Dog with ADHD,
I made myself some Organized Chaos!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Being Thankful

There are so many things I am thankful for and to make a list is impossible.  This is just the beginning of a list that goes on FOREVER.  I am such a blessed person and so many people and things have blessed me the 30 years I have been alive.  So to limit it is really really hard but here is a few things I am thankful for and in no particular order!!! 


He has saved me and continues to open his arms to me even when I am broke and not worth it.  His sacrifice and love is AMAZING! 

My Husband

We have been through so much together.  He is my rock, my challenge, my supporter and my best friend.  I love him so much and each day is a new day and a new record! J  I am so grateful for his sense of humor, for making me laugh and never making life boring!  I LOVE YOU Thumper!!

My boys

I am not only lucky to have one amazing kid but two!!  These two boys have really taught me so much.  I am truly grateful for them both.

T3- He is a wonderful kid.  A heart as big as it can get!   T3 at age 10 will still yell across the yard in front of his friends that he loves me.   He loves his family and loves his friends hard.   Wanting to make sure everyone is happy and nobody is left out.  T3 is active in his elementary school and in student council.  This little boy makes me so proud. 

Moose-He is a child with more energy then some people have their whole life!  He is so full of life and always looking for the next thing to learn about or ask questions about!!  Moose has a huge heart and loves his family and friends openly!  He loves sports and dissecting every part of the game.   Moose knows more about country music then most adults do too.  This little boy is really the bundle of energy that my mom always hoped I would get and I have to say I wouldn’t trade it for anything!! 

My Parents and Kevin’s Parents

Mom and Dad:  They gave me life.  That was a huge gift and I am so grateful for that.  I am grateful for blessing me with a childhood with so many experiences and learning moments!  I love you guys! 

Joy (Momma T):  Thank you so much for loving me as your daughter and for raising the man I love with all my heart!!  I am so blessed to have you in my life and my children’s lives.  

Terry (Lynn):  Thank you for loving me like a daughter also.  For making Kevin the man he is today and for not killing him when he pushed the card a little too far! J

My Granny and Papa

I love these two people so much.  Words can’t express how thankful I am for them.  They allow me to vent but put me in my place when needed.  They love me no matter how good or bad of a mood I am in.  I am grateful for the love you show to my kids.  They are amazing examples to me and my family.  Thank you for being you!!  I love you both! 

My Sisters

  I am thankful for you in so many ways.  Thank you for loving me even when you wanted to hate me.  Thank you for listening and for laughter.  Thank you for keeping me on my toes and not allowing me to get away with much as a child!   LOVE YA!

Andrea: I am so thankful for you because you are who you are no matter where you are.  You are a strong girl that knows what she believes and doesn’t make excuses for what she believes.  You are an amazing worker and I am so thankful for the example and love you bring to our family.  Also Thank you for all the laughs you bring to the table!!  LOVE YA!!

Kim: You have had the challenge of living with a very strong willed person your whole life.  THANK YOU.  Thank you for loving Kevin and holding him accountable.  I am so grateful for being able to call you my sister!  Thank you for accepting me in like your lil sister!  Love ya! 

Sarah:  I am so thankful for being able to talk to you and laugh with you.  Having someone that can understand how I feel and vise versa is amazing!!  I am grateful for you making my brother happy and for loving me like a sister!  I love ya!!

My brothers

Travis:  I am so thankful for you and for the way you make me think.  For holding me accountable and for keeping me guessing!  Thank you for showing me God’s love and for showing me Christian life doesn’t have to be boring!  I am so blessed to have a little brother like you!  

Kory:  What can I say about Big Kory!  This guy and I have too much in common.  I am so blessed and thankful to have a person I can jab fun with and also talk crafts with! J I am thankful for the laughter and for keeping me on my toes!

Kyle:  You are a new addition and I kinda like you!!  I am so thankful for you for making my sister the happiest girl!  I am thankful for your love to her and our family!  I am thankful for your tips and patience with me and Riley.  I am grateful for your quick sense of humor! 

Shawn:  Well, Uncle Meat we have had very little time to get to know each other but I am so grateful for loving my two kids the way you did!  Also for making my big sis so happy!  She has changed so much sense meeting you and I am thankful for you bringing all those amazing parts out of her!

Jordan: You’re technically not my brother but close enough.  I am grateful for the laughter you bring to our family.  I am thankful for the way you love T3 and Moose.  I am truly grateful for loving my baby sister and bring smiles to her face daily. 

My Niece and Nephew

These two kiddos are amazing and they bring so much joy to the family and me!!  I am so grateful for the smiles and love they have blessed us with. 

Riley (our puppy)

Even though she has brought a lot of headaches she has also brought us so much joy!!
  She is a bundle of energy and I am so thankful for her! 


           I have always wanted a neighbor that I could not only live next to but call my friend.
  I have along           with my family been blessed with those neighbors.  I am grateful for their love and the laughter we share together. 

Bill and Kids, Sheila and Ryders

These people are such great friends.  Thank you for accepting the good bad and ugly.  Thank you for the laughter, headaches and great memories!  

Hudson Elm- Staff, Families, Pto

I am so grateful my kids go to a school they feel loved as soon as they walk through the doors.  Where they feel safe and accepted.  I am so grateful that I can get involved in a school that in open minded and accepting also! 

Eastview Christian Church

I am thankful for this church because it is a place we can come to and worship God and feel comfortable.  Not only myself but my kids.  I am grateful for the kids programs that get the boys engaged and learning about God’s word! 


We get sick but we get better.  We get hurt but we get better.  I am so grateful for that and I am actively praying for those who can’t be grateful for this. 


I am so grateful to have made a home that we can keep warm when it is cold and cool off when it is hot.  A place we can gather and eat together and be safe.   For our cars to get places.  It seems like something we forget to be grateful for but it is something we need to be grateful for. 


             As much as work can be a chore at times it is such a blessing.  With jobs being so scarce and with  the unemployment rate being so high I am grateful to be able to help bring in money even if it isn't a lot but bring in money to help support our family.  I am grateful for the family that have entrusted me to watch their children!