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Friday, September 14, 2012

Speed Bumps

There are times as a mother you get so frustrated.  You don't understand why your kids did something or said something.  I know I was faced with a situation that baffled me completely.  A child of mine did something that I was not expecting and felt I have taught them better.  For all of those people that are like oohhh what did her kid do....he made fun of someones disability and that is not ok.  He knows that and I know that.  He wrote a letter of apology, asked God for forgiveness.  We faced the little speed bump and then I was and am convinced that that speed bump will no longer be an issue.    

Moments that bring what I like to call speed bumps are moments that slow you down.  They make you  reteach things and recalculate how to go about things.  But these speed bumps are not always bad.  Today my two kids did something that I am so very proud of.  On our way back to the car from a homecoming parade.  An older lady and her two grandchildren were on the sidewalk.  The lady just got up from a big fall that made them miss the parade.  The two kids were really worried about Grandma and I could tell they were trying to hide their disappointment in missing the parade.  TanMan asked me what happened.  I told him. Both Moose and TanMan turned around without even batting an eye, went up to those two kids and gave them all their candy.  TanMan poured an even amount in both of their bags and Moose convinced them they did not miss anything exciting.  I was overwhelmed with pride.  We got the lady and her grandchildren to her car which took a while but the boys had extra patience and they were great.  

I really wanted to use this moment to teach these two boys to reach out and help others.  The boys realized how many people walked past them.  She could hardly stand on her own, leaning on her 3rd grade granddaughter.   This made them realize that helping people is ok.  That we as Christ followers are called to do so.  That we may have bad speed bumps and we will really mess things up but we need to get up, ask for forgiveness from the person we wronged and from God.  Then keep trying to put a smile on God's face and show people God's Love!!