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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Funny things my kids have said...

I know I am a mommy and I think my kids say the funniest things!!  We all do right.  Mom's especially think their kids are the funniest people in the world!!  So here are my top 11 moments that I THINK they are too funny!  Share funny things your kids have said!  

1. My kids use to say geese were flying when they tooted. So we are at Wal-Mart and....
TanMan says (3 years old): "Mom, did you hear that? Geese just flew out of that girls butt!"  

Yeah, we don't use that phrase anymore in our house.


2. Also at Wal-Mart.  We were standing in line and my 4 year old was standing on the back of the cart. 
TanMan says: "That lady is so lucky to have a butt as big and soft as a pillow!"


3. I have used the phrase "I lied" a few too many times when correcting myself.  For example "Its 1:00.. never mind I lied it is 1:15" I learned that really isn't the best wording to be used all the time because this is what your kids say the next time you say it out in public! 
Moose says: "It is ok mom, you lie all the time!"
Oh that sounds great coming from your kiddos.  So now I do not correct myself by starting it off with that phrase.  OOPPS! 


4. Loved this...
TanMan says: "Mom, I am so glad that you are my mom.  You are really the best mom. If I had another mom I think they would yell at me all the time.  She probably would make me clean a lot more too."

Hmm...So I guess I am either too easy on him or he does more wrong than I see.  Love it. 

5. I hear a loud noise from the bathroom. So of course I yell "ARE YOU OK!?" 
Moose says: "I am OK now I just had to scare myself, so I could get rid of my hiccups."

Then he paused and got the biggest smile on his face and said...
"I did it...awesome!"
Wow...that is a little weird don't you think? 


6. We went and saw the Ronald McDonald Magic Show.  Afterwards we got to talk to Ronald.  He told m oldest that he looked like a wrestler.  Later in the car my kiddo goes...
TanMan says: "I can't believe he thought I was a wrestler....Wait he must   have seen these knuckles!" 

He looks at his knuckles, kisses them and says...
"Yeah they look tough."


7. Driving into town one day the boys were making duck noises in the backseat. 

My oldest says: "This is so cool mom! Do you think anyone has ever thought of this sound?" 
I told him:"Hun I am pretty sure the show Duck Dynasty is all about those good ole duck sounds!" 

Then my youngest says: "Mom I think this is a new one...why aren't you writing this stuff down. You’re going to be missing out on your part of our millions by just driving and not helping us out and writing this stuff down!"

My oldest says: "I think we will have to grow beards then....hmmm"

Then my youngest demands: "Mom you’re not writing these noises down." 

Wow...what can I say these boys got some big dreams! I know this makes their father proud.  Puzzles me! 


8.  We had to put one of my childhood dogs down.  My mom called with the news. I got off the phone and had to tell the boys.  I explained to them what was happening.  They both started to cry. 

My youngest so innocently says: "But he is the only dog that likes me over there"

Poor thing.  Because my youngest is so fast moving and my mom's dogs are only about 5lbs each, if that.  So having a fast moving child around is a little scary for them so they growl at him all the time.  Speedy was so go with the flow that he just loved everyone!!  My poor kid!  Such an innocent but funny comment!


9.  My youngest always has big questions.  But he is also very gullible.  This was a dinner conversation we had one night....

 "Dad, my ear has stuff that comes out of it sometimes. What is it?"

Dad:   "Just drainage!" 
Moose: "What is that?"

Dad:   "Well, it is when your brain leaks."

Moose: "Will that make me less smart?"

Dad:   "Sometimes."

Moose: "hmmm"

Me:    "Moose don't believe that. It is just drainage from your ear. Like water. Your brain is not leaking!"

Gotta love entertainment at the dinner table!  

10.  Another dinner story.  My youngest likes to talk.  I am not sure who he gets that from!!  OK, maybe it is me!  Anyways, this meal he seemed to be talking way more than he was eating.  My oldest was on round two of dinner and Moose was still working on the first 1/2 of plate one.  Here is where the conversation goes real quick.  

   "Moose you are talking way to much tonight. Stop talking and Eat."

Moose: "But aren't humans supposed to talk?"

TanMan: "Good Point!"

Dad:   "Eat!"

I love my boys!  


11. My youngest once again made a very good point.  He was playing an XBOX game.  It was a two player game so he was playing with one control and the other controller was sitting next to him.  

Me:  "
Moose, how fair is it that? Playing a two player game and that controller is just sitting there! REALLY?"

 "Who am I not being fair to?"