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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tanner Taylor Tompkins

    I can not believe 10 years ago in a few hours I went into labor with our first born.  In those few hours before having our first son I saw panic in my husbands eyes, fear, and a proud proud daddy!!   Even though the lil man was early he was healthy.   I remembered day two at the hospital I called my mom from the hospital and said "He is sooo little and he kinda looks like an unbaked chicken!"  Poor thang....so small just under 5lbs and even though he may have looked like an unbaked chicken I have to say he was the sweetest little unbaked chicken I ever did see. I was so proud of him at that moment.  He didn't do a thing but he made my heart swell with love and pride.
    10 years later my heart is so full with pride and love.  He has showed me things in life that I never thought I would see or feel. He has accomplished so much and loved so hard to all those who he has come into contact with!  I am so proud of him and I am 10 years more in love with him today then I was the day I laid with him in the hospital bed.

Dear First Born

I've always loved you best because you were our first miracle. You were the genesis of the fulfillment of young love. You sustained us through the hamburger years, and tacos daily,  our first shack (house in the middle of the corn field) our first mode of transportation (1993 Ford Probe), and the seven-inch TV that only had infomercials on it.

You were new, had unused grandparents, and enough clothes for a set of triplets. You were the original model for a mom and dad who were trying to work the bugs out.   We are so blessed to have you as our first born. 

Thank you for being generous with the "its ok mom's", "its ok dads".  We promise to pay for all of our new mommy and daddy moments in any therapy sessions that you may need when you are older!  : P  

You got the strained lamb, the open safety pins and three-hour naps. You were the beginning! Thank you for being you and thank you for filling our hearts with the love and pride any parent hopes to have one day!


My Little Stud

PS...Share your memories of the little man and I will be reading this to him tomorrow night!!  Thanks everyone!