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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mommy advice...

Here is the top advise I have gotten when it comes to my boys!  Buckle your seat belts and hold on.

1. Watch your boys body language not his mouth. 
  • Jumping up and down GOOD
  • Slumped shoulders BAD
  • Yelling Good
  • Quiet Bad

2. Yeah Poop Poop Poop
  • Girls usually potty train before boys.  
  • Once boys find the throne they don't stop visiting it
  • Pooping can and probably will always be the highlight of a boys day
  • Boys consider pooping a sport
***.My boys were reading their fortune cookie and in the middle of it says "do,do".  They thought it was the funniest thing EVER.  Oh Goodness...

3. Bedtime is sacred and car rides
  • Because boys are so active, it’s hard to get them to sit still.
  •  The best time of day is the ten minutes before they go to sleep. 
  • Crawl into bed with them, read books, and hold them while they fall off to sleep. 
  • If you don’t believe in God, you will once you have lain next to your overactive son while his body goes limp next to you, and he ever so faintly begins to snore.
  • Car rides-they are tide down and this is the best time to talk!!  
***My kids and I love to sing in the car!  We have a lot of goofy memories.  Also the car is when we have had some big conversations and when they ask the big questions.  

4. Don't tell him he is the man of the house
  • He is the "lil" man but not the man
  • Too much responsibility in that title
  • He is a child allow him to be one

5. Give him some responsibility
  • This will help jim in the future with school and life
  • Will help out with home life now to.  
  • Remember to make all responisbilities age appropriate
***I mess this up at times because I feel at that moment in time that it is easiest to do house stuff on my own but then I realize that is not going to help him. So I am doing better at giving them chores and responsibilities.  

6. Let him show emotion
  •  When your son gets upset, let him express himself, as long as he isn't being destructive or completely out of control. 
  • Talk through things
  • Help him identify his feelings.  Mad, sad, angry, hurt, happy, lonely and so forth
  • Boys tend to solve social problems physically.  Try to get them to talk. 
***This can be frustrating.   I am blunt with my feelings.  But boys are not so blunt.  So giving them words to help them describe there feelings help the situation but also letting them know that you are there for them no matter what is IMPORTANT!!  

7. Boys like hugs

  •  When they get older they may want to do it around their friends and out in public but one in your home is important
***We are lovey dovey so hugs are daily if not hourly!!  

8. Let boys be boys
  • Boys have TONS of energy
  • It is ok.  Don't shut that down that will only cause more problems.  
  • Remind your child that there is a time and place for it though.  
  • Provide them space to let that energy out.  
  • Turn that energy into something productive
***Boys are crazy human beings.  They LOVE LOVE to jump, run throw, hit, and whatever else they come up with.  Let them.  Help them find those outlets.  

9. Limit TV/Video Games
  • Get outside and play
  • Use the imagination
***My boys only get a certain amount of time for the most part.  During the school year NO VIDEO GAMES during the week.  They can play on the weekend but it is limited. 

10. Friends
  • Encourage their friends to come over to your house. 
  • Make it a happy welcoming place for them. 
  • Get to know their friends.
***I want our home to be the place the boys can hang out. Kids in and out.  If they are here then I know what they are doing!  

11. Special Time
  • More than one child--take date night with each boy alone
  • Yes, this includes your husband
***I love these times with my boys!!  

12. Teach organization young
  • Step by step instructions of what to do to keep their room or desk organized.  
  • Don't expect miracles.  Boys are messy. 
***Oh goodness, I am so sad when I go into my son's class room and see his desk.  I teach and teach and live organization and it doesn't sink into their heads.   I will not give up!  :)

13. Figure out as a mom how to LAUGH and LAUGH A LOT
  • This is something I can of looked at people strangely when they said that to me.  Now I can say I get it.  I laugh a lot.  

14. "Nothing"
  • When you ask them what they are thinking and they say "Nothing" it is probably true!  HEHE!  

15. Find Common Ground
  • Find a mutual interest or something they like and you can do!  BOND
***My oldest likes to talk about his video games and my youngest likes to talk music and sports statistics.  So I am all about listening to them!  

  • Just wait, if they haven't started already, they will eat and tons of food! 
***It is true when they say boys have a hallow leg.  My youngest one is skinny and he eats tons!  Where does it go?  

17. Band Aids
  • Buy lots of them
  • Tons of them
***I have a drawer FULL of them and man do I go through them fast!  

18. Farting
  • They think it is funny
  • They think they can talk about it anytime, anyplace and in front of who ever
***How gross is it when they are talking or walking and they completely stop what they are doing to let one out and then they giggle.  Come on.   

19. Its easier to Raise Boys then to Fix Men

20. Boy do things and get hurt multiple times
  • They think it was a pure fluke they got hurt so they do it again.   
  • Prepare yourself for this 

21. Your home, car and garage will smell like a locker room
  • Boys smell...get use to it. 
***My hubbies car is called the traveling locker room.  It smells and looks like one.  ICKY!

22. Set limits
  • They don't get them now it will be hard to place them later
  • Security for them to have those limits even if they won't admit it

23. They are your son and you love them because of who they are not what they do
  • The sport they play
  • The club they are in
  • The grades they make
These are not who they are and why you love them!  Make that clear!!!!

24. Express to them that family in so important
  • Relationships and family are so much more important than money or careers  

25. “Don’t sweat the small stuff"

26. Boys will fight
  • It is in them to do so 
  • BUT DO NOT EVER HIT A GIRL-  even if she is really annoying!
  • They are wired with the fighting/guns instinct- just limit where they see it.  
***When my oldest was a baby I was like "I am NOT going to buy guys or show them to him!"  Well, that did not matter.  Sooner or later his CARROTS became guns.  

27. Boys get pee on the floor and leave the toilet seat up
  • Have fun and get use to cleaning up around the toilet
***My hubby says that they leave the toilet seat up because they are helping out the next guy that comes into the bathroom.  It is one of those man code things.  WHATEVER!!

28. Boys will get dirty
  • Learn to get rid of stains
  • Don't get mad when they come home with dirty jeans and holes in their pants.  
  • Good luck doing hand me downs when they get older.  

29. Superheros
  • They all think they are one!  

30. Brothers

  • They will fight
  • But they will not let anyone fight with their brother.  

Boys are amazing!!  Boys have taught me to laugh more and not be surprised with much.  There is obviously 100s more but I thought 30 was a good start!!