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Monday, July 16, 2012

Being Grateful and some more...

I am Thankful for SOOO Many things.  Here is a VERY VERY VERY short list of things I am thankful for that we take for granite.  
  1. A church home and freedom to love God
  2. My Husband- there are over 90 million singles in America.  That is a lot of people that can't come home to a loved one.  I am blessed to see his face daily and share my love with.  I get to share the ups and downs in life with him.
  3. Our Children- about 7.3 million woman can't have babies.  This number breaks my heart in so many pieces.  I am so blessed to be able to have my kiddos and love them daily!
  4. Our Families- They may drive me crazy sometimes but at the end of the day they are the ones I love tons!!
  5. Our Puppy-  Ummm...she is too cute!
  6. Life- Each day is a GIFT!!
  7. Love- not everyone can count on this.  We take love for granite.
  8. We are healthy- More than 32 million children are Chronically sick in the US. I tend to complain about my aches and pains or my youngest ADHD or my oldest asthma.  But really these are all manageable and we can and have adapted to each situation.
  9. Our home- More than a million school aged children are homeless.  Times we wish for bigger homes more space.  "Luxury" but why?  We have space, we have a roof over our head.  I pray daily for those who are not able to be thankful for those things we take advantage of.
  10. Heath Insurance- 44 million people do not have insurance.
  11. Jobs to pay the bills- 12.7 million people in the US don't have a job
  12. Our vehicles-to get around
  13. Phones to communicate with others
  14. Food to feed our family-17 million children go to bed hungry
  15. Memories-   463,000 children  live in foster care so what kind of memories are they making there?
  16. Laughter we share with each other, family and friends- We
    laugh daily!
  17. Sports we are able to be in
  18. Clothing
  19. Air Conditioning- 3,131,000 households do not have a/c
  20. Heat- Millions are without
  21. Safety- 3.3 million children in US observe violence in their homes. 
These are things we become comfortable with and really take for granite.  I am so sorry that I ever took any of those things for granite.  It makes me feel sad that I have complained for more or whatever else.  

Being grateful helps in so many ways...
  1. Changes your mood and the mood of those around you
  2. Helps you cherish the present and being in the moment-you don't miss life
  3. Helps you focus on the real priorities of life
  4. Helps you enjoy the simple things of life!
  5. Reduces envy and reduces negativeness
  6. Improves your health

So what now.  Looking at those stats and crazy facts isn't the solution.  We need to pray, be grateful and HELP OTHERS.  


  1. Mission Trips
  2. Bring food to homeless shelters
  3. Bring food to pantries
  4. Put on fundraiser for someone with a medical condition to help with bills.
  5. Volunteer Time at Big Brother Big Sister, Community Centers and Shelters
  6. Donate to your churches Benevolence funds.
  7. Donate school supplies
  8. Help at a Pet Shelter
  9. Make a card for someone who needs to feel someones love
  10. Make craft kits for children's hospitals
  11. Offer to drive someone who doesn't have a car
  12. Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity
  13. Smile at someone/acknowledge people and accept them for them
  14. Invite someone to a holiday meal or a family meal
  15. Help with scholarships with sporting/extracurricular activities

What are your ideas??  What are your thoughts of being grateful!??