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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mommy/Wife Fails

So I was thinking today about all the times I have failed as a mommy or a wife!  Not so much in a negative, "YOU SCREW UP" kind of way but in a way you can kind of giggle now that you lived through it!!  As Mom's and Wives or even as just humans we do some pretty goofy or even stupid things!

So here are a few of my Mom of the Year Moments!!

1.  Tried a pinterest activity and nearly started my kitchen on fire!!  Ask if you need the whole story!

2.  Walked into the doctors with my oldest and told the doctor my child was just being a drama queen and his hand isn't broke!  Ooops...it was fractured!

3.  Dressed my preschooler---yeah he could dress himself but it was faster if I just did it!  So I got him dressed and sent him off to school.  When I picked him up the teacher asked me if their was reasoning to putting my kiddos jeans on backwards!  How on earth did I manage to buckle his jeans backwards and not even know!?

4.  I was on a mission to save money and my kids haircuts were something I though I could do on my own.  Both of my kids have a head shape that are a little odd shaped if they are bald.  The reason I know that is because at one time in both of their lives I thought I could cut their hair!  FAIL!

5.  Skyler vs Spike---This is a video of my little one.  We were trying to get him over the fear of mascots.  So my brother was a substitute mascot for a local football team.  He had to work at a promotion and so we thought this would be a good opportunity for my little one to see his Uncle go into the bathroom  and come out as Spike.  It didn't go as planned!  Click link...Mommy Fail

6.  The tooth fairy is not reliable at all!  Every time the tooth fairy has to come to our house I fall asleep early and then the kids wanna know why the dang tooth fairy forgot to stop by!  So I have to go into a explanation about how busy she can get and how the tooth fairy knows that Tanner or Skyler will understand if she can't make it that night.  Come on tooth fairy!  FAIL!

7.  Love having dance parties with my boys!  One of our dance parties got out of hand.  I was laying on the floor doing the superman with one of the boys and the other one decided to do a seat drop on my nose.  Yeah I broke it!

8.  Just finishing up with bath time, I was walking out of the bathroom with my son in my hands.  The floor was went and I slipped and grabbed the towel rack on the way down, which broke.  Managed to save the kid but broke a rib!

See this is just 8 of hundreds of stupid things I have done as both a wife and a mother.  We are humans and we all do some things that may not have been funny at the time but we can get a giggle out of it now!

I know you all have Mommy/Wife Fails!  Share them!! 
 It is ok, we know that we are not perfect!  
We are just humans that strive to be the best for our families we can and 
we keep falling short!

Ladies share your Mommy/Wife Stories!