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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week Wrap-Up

Things I brought away from this weeks studies...

Monday:  Shipwreck  

     I really am so blessed to be able to have a home church and a pastor that I truly love and respect!  This sermon I have watched a few times and each time I get something else from this!  

     I did this because I was hearing stories in our own town of kids being bullied.  It really breaks my heart.  Then when you look at the statistics it makes me sick.  This is the way Satan keeps control of some people.  We have to remember that God is the one that is ultimately in charge.  

     I learned many things that day on this topic but the one thing I found interesting was that bulling isn't something that just happens in 2012!  In the bible there was many examples of bullying.  This has been something that has been an issue and a battle from the first sin.  I wish I could stress how much I want everyone to acknowledge this problem and not only take action but bring it to the feet of God.  He wants to help us!!   

Wednesday:  Decision Making  

     When reading what June Hunt had to say about this, I really loved the little test she had for decision making.  The scriptural, secrecy, survey, spiritual, stumbling serenity, and sanctification tests.  This is something that I will look at more and more.  I will apply this to my daily decision making but for the larger decisions I will sit down with this "test" June has given us to use as a guideline.  

Thursday:  Dating

     This topic was the second voted topic.  I really did enjoy looking into it and understanding what God has and wants for us!  When I decided to put this topic out there I was thinking for my single friends.  But I was wrong...
     I thought going into this I have boys so I don't have to really worry too much in this topic but I DO!!  I have to have these boys raised with the morals and truth that God wants them to have.  They  have to be leaders and they have to show Gods love and in a way that would Honor Him!!  

     So went from being something small to being a big weight on my shoulders!!  I am praying more for them and for those that they are around.  Showing them the Love of God and the Truth.  Keeping the worldly views--worldly views, not the way we have to live our lives!  

Friday:  Fun Day Friday

   I love jokes!!  I didn't really learn anything but I did get some giggles!!  

Saturday:  Silent Saturday

     I tend to talk a lot.  Not just to people on earth but to God.  So I don't get a lot of opportunities for silence and to really hear what is important.  My goal is to start to listen. Not only to people but to GOD!!  I need to sit and be silent.  This morning I laid in bed for a long time (since the house was quiet) and just took in the silence.  I know you all are laughing at this but I am going to work on this.  So if you drive past my house and I am just sitting in a chair on my porch.  I am ok!!  :)  

Another great week behind us and now we get into a week of Celebration.   
It is Easter week!!  Lots of different exciting things coming up!! 

Any suggestions for this weeks topics?