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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Good Morning Everyone!  I have seen a few post about  birthdays lately and parents getting tired of birthday parties already!  Here is the perfect solution!!

Both of my boys go by this schedule for birthday parties.  Odd years they get a Birthday Party.  So this includes friends obviously.  Then their birthday present from us is smaller.  Then on EVEN years they get a memory year!  This is a fun year that we think about something they really want to do that they don't usually get to do.  Examples we have done so far...

Tanner got to go to Blackhawks game and a Yankees game 2 years ago.  We try to get our families involved in this so it is a group thing!  So Kev and I gave TanMan tickets to the Yankees and then his Aunts and Uncle gave him tickets to the Blackhawks.  These are things he will remember for a life time!

Skyler this year got  go to the Lady Antebellum concert.  Then my parents and his Aunts and Uncle gave him things for his trip to Disney.

This year for Tanner's memory year we are taking him to Chicago to go see Medieval Times.  BTW...He doesn't know that so please don't tell him!  hehe!

I think this breaks up the parties and financial burden parties can be and brings special memories that the kids can remember for a lifetime!  

So what do you think?  How do you celebrate birthdays?  

Lady A Concert-- 6th Birthday

Tickets to see the Yanks play- 8th Birthday

Blackhawks game- 8th birthday