When life handed me a Canadian Husband, Two Energetic Kids and a Dog with ADHD,
I made myself some Organized Chaos!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Might as well...

I want to start off by introducing myself.  My name is Stacey and I am a proud wife and mother.  My husband, Kevin is a Canadian and he is my strength, love, best friend, daily challenger, and sometimes headache!  I love this man and I am very blessed to have him in my life!  We have 2 boys...Tanner 9 years old and Skyler 6 years old.  Tanner is also known to a lot of people as TanMan and Skyler is known as Moose.  They truly do love their nicknames!  My two boys, actually, all three of them are very active.  We are involved in baseball, basketball, hockey and football!  They love their sports and I do as well.  The three of them combine are more boy than I sometimes can handle but it is a true joy and learning experience!!

All of that is my earthly life.  But above my husband, kids and sports I am a CHILD OF GOD!  In this last year I have really jumped into the  Love Story God wrote for us!   I have a notebook of notes and thoughts but what good does it do in a notebook?  I first decided to just put a thought, verse or whatever else on facebook once a day but then I was not sure if that was enough!  Instead of keeping my notebook in my house and not sharing what I have been taught by others, learned on my own and how God reveals himself!!  

So my goal is to place a thought, teaching, Gods Love on facebook and then I will expand on here!  I really hope that you all will go through this journey with me. Questions, Comments, Concerns, Corrections are ALWAYS welcome!  I want to be held accountable to my actions, words and thinking!  

By the way...I sometimes get way excited about Christ and what he is doing!  I tend to talk/write way too much.  Please know that I do this because I am so excited about Him and that I am not a professional writer or blogger.  I am Child of God and I want to share what I am learning daily!